Boxcutter official docs


  • Enable box cutter : Alt W (Will cycle hardpos if available)
  • BoxCutter pie menu : D
  • BoxCutter popup menu : Ctrl D


When you have Maya style navigation set up this there is an option to preserve Alt and RMB keys.

  • Edit > Preferences > Add-ons > BoxCutter > Keymap >
    • Preserve Alt
    • Preserve RMB



When you use the box shape there is an option called linebox that allows you to easily create Wedge shaped cuts. Enable it in the top bar (it is the icon to the right of the box dropdown) or in the sidebar > Box Cutter > Settings > Behaviour > Linebox or in the Ctrl D menu. Make sure linebox is enabled and select the box as your cutter.

  • LMB press and drag to create a line.
    • You can hold Ctrl to snap to fixed angles.
  • Release and drag to set the size of the “2d cutting plane”
  • LMB click to accept the shape and drag to set the “depth” of the cut.
  • Note the W will toggle the Wedge shape and a standard box.