Hard Ops official docs


  • Hops Menu : Q
  • Bevel Helper : Ctrl Shift B

Object Mode


  • Operations
    • Smart Apply
      • LMB : Smart apply modifiers (kkeps last bevel and weighted normal)
      • Shift LMB Smart apply duplicate (With clear last bevel and weighted normal)

Edit Mode


  • Curve/Extract
    • LMB : Converts edge to curve.
    • Shift LMB : Converts selection to plate.

ST3 Mesh Tools

  • Selection to Boolean : Create a boolean from the selected face.
    • Select the face(s)
    • Q > ST3 Mesh Tools > Selection to Boolean
    • LMB click once, you can now move the mouse to adjust the extrude depth.
    • Press X to switch to setting the offset.
    • Press X again to set the offset
    • Pressing X again will cycle back to setting the extrude depth.
    • Adjust to your needs then press LMB to create the boolean cutter.
  • Edit Multi Tool : Merge/Select/Join/Knife…
    • K : Knife
      • Hold Ctrl to sbap to percentage

How To

Create panels

  • Create hardsurface panels (plates)
    • Use Q > Smart Apply with Shift LMB to duplicate the base mesh
    • Use knife to cut the faces to be used as panels
    • Use Q > Curve/Extract with Shift LMB