DaVinci Resolve - Fusion

Create a fusion comp

Timeline to fusion

To “send” a clip from the edit page to the fusion page we set the playhead on the clip and switch over to the fusion page, This will give use 2 nodes the media in and media out

New Composition

We can also create a new Fusion composition. Open up the media pool, RMB click in the content section of a bin and choose “New Fusion Composition”.


There are two viewers. To send a node to the viewer select the clip and press 1 to send it to the first viwer or press 2 to send it to the other. Theese two viewers are two separate viewers (not source & timeline like in the edit page).


Function Key
Toggle Controls Cmd K
Toggle Guides Cmd G
Scale to Fit Cmd F
Zoom Cmd MMB scroll
Lock Cmd L

Top left

  • Zoom
  • Wipe view
    • wipe between two node
  • Subview

Top right

  • ROI (Region of interest)
  • Color (view channels)
  • LUT
  • Single Viewer
  • Menu
    • Show controls show hide viewer node handles (Cmd K)
    • Checker underlay show alpha or solid bg



Inspector & parameters

  • Size Presets
    • If you RMB click on a parameter in the inspector with width & height you can choose from a list of size presets.
  • Expression
    • To use an expression RMB click the parameter > Expression. A plus icon will appear below the parameter and you can AE pickwip the parameter to link. You can also manually enter an expression.
  • Pin a parameter
    • If you want the parameters of a node to remain in the inspector when you click another node you can click the pin ison in the top of the nodes parameter pane.



Function Key
Swap Input Cmd T
Insert/Remove node Shift LMB drag
Pass Through (disable) Cmd P
Tool library Shift spacebar



  • Insert node
    • To insert a node between to connected nodes, hold Shift and drag the node ontop of the connection.
  • Remove node
    • To Remove a node and from the flow hold Shift and click or drag the node away.
  • List of inputs
    • To get a list of the inputs of a node LMB click the “output square” of a node and hold Alt when releasing on the destination node. This will popup a list of the available inputs.


  • Tile Picture aka Thumbnail
    • To display a thumbnail of a node we first need to enable it in the Fusion settings. Fusion > Fusion Settings > Flow > Force In the area labeled Force you can choose which tile pictures to use. Then we need to RMB click the node (works with multiple selected nodes as well) and go Show > Show Tile Picture


We can set the proxy resolution from the main menu. We can also disable the proxy mode by RMB clicking the playback controils and toggle the Proxymode from the menu.

  • Playback > Proxy Mode >

    • Off
    • Half Resolution
    • Quarter Resolution


As far as I know there is still not possible to configure the 3D navigation controls which would be nice. So for the moment I guess i will use this

Function Key
Tumble Alt MMB
Zoom Cmd MMB Scroll


New composition

You can create multiple versions of a clip to try out different ideas. Click the Clips tab in the main menu bar. RMB click on the clip and choose Create New Composition from the popup menu.