Tile Editor

The Tile Editor is a tool I am developing that creates tile based city blocks (houses and streets, props etc). The project started inside Maya but I have since then moved to Houdini. The gist of the tool: you have an PySide widget in which you can paint the shape of the buildings, change tile appearance and assign geometry. The tool then generates points and attributes to which geometry is instanced.

Since I am relatively new to Houdini working on the tool has given me opportunity to dive in to many concepts of Houdini among other things: various methods of instancing, COPS, VEX, UV layout, PySide and general Python programming and lots of problem solving.

  • Redshift and RS Proxy support
  • Solaris / USD friendly
  • Ability to export to Alembic or FBX

Tile Editor - Houdini

Ground Tiles


The textures for the ground tiles are (for the moment) using UDIM to separate the different pieces. This makes it easy to create textures in substance designer without worrying that mouch about the uv layout.

  • 1001 - Pavement
  • 1002 - Curb stones
  • 1003 - Ground

Texel density

Since the tiles are 10 m x 10 m the texel density if using an 4K texture 4096/10 = 409.6 pixel/m. I am also experimenting with using different sizes of the textures on the different parts. Since the resolution needed to make the detail in the asphalt crisp a higer resolution is needed on that UDIM.