UE5 - Houdini Engine


  • Browse to the SideFX houdini engine dir
    • SideFX directory
      • C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini Engine\Unreal
      • Here you will find the engine for each of the houdini versions you have installed
        • 19.5.403
        • 19.5.303
        • etc…
      • And inside each houdini version you will find a houdini engine plugin for each of the unreal engine versions.
        • 5.0
        • 4.27
  • Copy Houdini Engine dir
    • Find the version that matches your Houdini install and the UE engine
    • Ctrl + C the HoudiniEngine directory
  • Browse to the Unreal plugin dir
    • Unreal engine version directory
      • C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.0\Engine\Plugins\Runtime\HoudiniEngine
      • If you have copied the entire HoudiniEngine directory in the previous step we need to go one directory up (so er are at the “Runtime” directory level), delete the old HoudiniEngine dir, and paste the copied one.



  • Proxy Static Mesh
    • With proxy static mesh enabled houdini engine will create a proxy which will be faster to generate
      • Might have some artifacts
    • You can disable this if here
      • Houdini Proxy Mesh Generation >
        • Enable Proxy Static Mesh : On/Off
  • Multiple Outputs
    • In Houdini
      • Add multiple output nodes
      • Set the Output Index of each output to a unique value
    • In Unreal
      • With the houdini engine actor selected, open the details panel
      • Houdini Engine > Asset Options >
        • Use Output Nodes : On
        • This will make sure each output is used to generate an actor in UE