UE5 - Houdini Engine


  • Browse to the SideFX houdini engine dir
    • SideFX directory
      • C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini Engine\Unreal
      • Here you will find the engine for each of the houdini versions you have installed
        • 19.5.403
        • 19.5.303
        • etc…
      • And inside each houdini version you will find a houdini engine plugin for each of the unreal engine versions.
        • 5.0
        • 4.27
    • Copy Houdini Engine dir
      • Find the version that matches your Houdini install and the UE engine
      • Ctrl + C the HoudiniEngine directory
  • Browse to the Unreal plugin dir
    • Unreal engine version directory
      • C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.0\Engine\Plugins\Runtime
    • Paste the Houdini Engine dir
      • Ctrl + V the HoudiniEngine directory we copied in the earlier step
      • Note!
        • If you have intalled Houdini Engine for this version of unreal engine berfore you will allready have a dir called HoudiniEngine, just delete it and then paste the copied version



  • Proxy Static Mesh
    • With proxy static mesh enabled houdini engine will create a proxy which will be faster to generate
      • Might have some artifacts
    • You can disable this if here
      • Houdini Proxy Mesh Generation >
        • Enable Proxy Static Mesh : On/Off
  • Multiple Outputs
    • In Houdini
      • Add multiple output nodes
      • Set the Output Index of each output to a unique value
    • In Unreal
      • With the houdini engine actor selected, open the details panel
      • Houdini Engine > Asset Options >
        • Use Output Nodes : On
        • This will make sure each output is used to generate an actor in UE