UE5 - Houdini Engine
Notes on Houdini Engine in Unreal Engine 5
UE5 - Misc
Miscellaneous notes on Unreal Engine 5
Houdini - Heightfield
Random bits of houdini hf info
UE5 - Raytraced Lighting
Notes on Raytraced Lighting
UE5 - Lumen
Notes on Lumen
UE5 - Movie Render Queue
Notes on Movie Render Queue
UE5 - Python & PySide2
Python in Unreal Engine
UE5 - Materials
UE5 material notes
Houdini - LOPS & USD
LOPS, Solaris & USD
OCIO - Python
UE5 - Cinematics
notes on cinematics in UE5
UE5 - Notes
UE5 notes
UE4 - Blueprint Snippets
Blueprint in UE4
UE4 - Pipeline
Some random pipeline notes on UE4
UE4 - Getting started
Intro to UE4
Houdini - KineFX
KineFX notes to self
Houdini - Animation
Some animation centric notes
Houdini - Crowd
Some Crowd centric notes
Blender - Boxcutter
Notes on boxcutter
Blender - Hard Ops
Notes on hardops
Blender - Modifiers
Notes on modifiers
Blender - Modeling
Notes on modelling
Blender - Intro
Notes on learning Blender
Houdini 18 - Sparse pyro
Notes on sparse pyro setup
Substance Painter - notes
Substance Painter - notes
Substance Designer - notes
Substance Designer - notes
Marvelous Designer
Trying out Marvelous Designer
Workflow - Tips
Various workflow tips
Houdini - UV
Houdini UV related info
Houdini - COPS
Notes on compositing in Houdini (COPS)
Houdini - TOPS
Notes on Task Operators (TOPS)
Houdini - Python
Houdini Python notes and snippets
Houdini - HDA
Notes on creating an HDA
DaVinci Resolve - Python
Python in DaVinci Resolve
DaVinci Resolve - Fusion
Learning Fusion
DaVinci Resolve - Edit
Editing in DaVinci Resolve
A collection of random notes while learning Hugo
Houdini 17 - Pyro
Some notes on pyro in Houdini 17
Houdini - VEX
Vex notes
Flask SQLite dev
Note to self on how to setup a dev sqlite database with flask
Houdini - Misc
Misc Houdini tips
PySide2 - Notes
PySide2 notes
Python - General
Some general Python notes
SublimeText - note to self